Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

Shaker card with tutorial!

Hello everyone, 

Today I wanna show you a little tutorial for making a shaker card! 
They are so fun to make and also easy :-)
 I hope you like it!!

I have used these materials...

First I use a shape that I want to use for my card! 
Than I cut out a hole  in the shape with a stanz or siccor...

Then you glue your sheet on the shape...

When you have done that I use the 3D tape on the back of the sheet.
So you have the whole shape covered with this tape..

Remove the tape backing before you used your glitters 
or shaker shapes in the center...

Then you place the colored stamp on it...
So it glue's on the 3D tape and your shaker is finished! 

After this all you can use it on a card! 
I made this card with it :-) 

Thanks for reading! 
I hope you like this tutorial and let me know when you make a card! 

Have a nice day!

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