Dienstag, 15. November 2016

Special Delivery

Hello everyone, 

Ho Ho Ho, I know it's a little bit early! 
But with christmas cards we are never early enough ;-)

Here is the christmas sleight from Santa!! LOL
I made this funny christmas card with the Dutch Doobadoo card art, 
so easy and lovely to use...

The basic paper is Kraft paper from Joy! Crafts, 
the design paper is from Doodlebug Design, 
also the little santa ;-)

I wish you a beautiful day!

http://cards-und-more.de/de/Dutch-Doobadoo-Dutch-Card-Art-Sleigh.html     http://cards-und-more.de/de/Joy--Kraft-Papier-A4---25-Blatt-300g.html    http://cards-und-more.de/de/ScrapBerry-s-Adhesive-gems-faceted-50pcs-5colors-Wind-of-Travel-2.html   


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Carole Wright hat gesagt…

Hi this is too fabulous, love it. x