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 Ciao! 😊 

In the last weeks I had so many commissions for photo frames so I've decided to share with you how I created them! This time the gift was for a couple, Riccardo and Paola, that are going to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

I've started with a coat of White Gesso to prime my base and, than I've decide to glue down a corrugated cardboard with Tacky Glue to give more interest to it.
In the meantime that I was waiting to everything to naturally dry I've die cutted couples of hearts, numbers 5 & 0 and letters P & R using my beloved Joy! Crafts Kraft Paper.

At this point it was time to ensemble everything on the frame and add another two coats of White Gesso.

Paying a bit of attentions, with a stencil and heavy gesso I created another layer of interest.

And now the funniest part! With my Pebeo watercolors I've started to color everything giving the stain look I letteraly ADORE, layer after layer dryng sometime with my heat gun.

And here we are! Final touches were to stamp my name with Stazon Jet Black and to add a coat of with gesso to the back to give a more orderly appearance.

Hope you liked it and got inspired... See you super soon for a new blog post!


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