Pinkish & hexagonal wooden box

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 Ciao! 😊 

Here I am after a looong time! I hope you're all well and healthy;  this period is putting us all to the test... But let's not lose hope that it will end as soon as possible!!!

So, let's begin! 

As you may know, I love wooden objects, both as a base for pyrography and for my mixed-media projects ... So I decided to alter this hexagonal box!

As a first step I applied a coat of transparent gesso to make my surface perfect for all the mediums I would use later.

As there is a floral motif in the lid of the box, I decided to punch some leaves with the kraft cardboard to glue inside, on the bottom, and to seal them too with transparent gesso.

Once the gesso dried with the heat gun I started playing with the acrylic inks to get a stain effect and, in addition to these, I also used liquid watercolors (always in muted tones).

After everything was perfectly dry, I chose a stencil with a circular pattern and applied a crackle paste in red gold tones

To merge the composition I've decided to apply a coat of cracklè paste also on the sides and, once dry, emphasize it a little bit with darker ink / watercolors.

The last touch was to emboss my name on the bottom with a bronze powder (like the hinges and the closure of the box.

Hope you liked it and got inspired... See you super soon for a new blog post!


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